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Digital Mailroom

On average, companies across the UK receive over 3 million items of post per year and the cost of manually processing incoming mail is estimated at £0.15 – £0.25 per item. ARL’s digital mailroom is a central platform specifically designed to support the management, amendment and distribution of information.

Multi-Media Response Handling

ARL provide a complete multimedia business process outsourcing solution to manage campaign response handling, whether responses are submitted on paper, by phone or electronically offering a full end-to-end service.


Whether as part of an integrated data-gathering plan or as an individual element, ARL can offer flexible, high quality, high capacity document scanning and digitisation capabilities.

Data Capture

Companies receive data from a huge range of sources and in a wide variety of formats. Whether information needs to be captured from paper, image, online, email or direct to customer systems,  ARL has the data capture solution.

Knowledge Processing

Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) is a form of back office processing, but one that leverages knowledge and expertise to move the process forward. ARL can offer a range of knowledge processing services onshore, offshore and near-shore. From multi-lingual data capture, through to medical, engineering and financial administration processing, we have the experience and ability to manage these back office functions in a more efficient manner than many companies can complete them internally.

Customer Lifecycle

ARL’s Customer Lifecycle solution offers a high-quality service and the operational capability to be scalable in line with the demands of the business, utilising skilled and experienced teams over appropriate operational centres. Our hybrid model provides flexibility to grow core functions within UK contact centres, with support tasks being deployed either within the UK or through an offshore/nearshore hybrid model.


Under the GDPR, penalties and fines for data breaches will be unprecedented. Most organisations are unaware of the location, volume and severity of documents containing or relating to Personal Identifiable Data (PID). ARL’s RiskView shines the torch on your data estate to reveal at-risk resources, allowing you to prevent breaches and contain the threats within your business.

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“I had the good fortune to work with Jonathan as Management Consultant to the Senior Leadership Team at Minster Law over a 12 month period. He is a selfless leader, focusing his energy on allowing those around him to develop. He would constantly challenge our thinking and always found a way to improve, bringing true market insight, and innovation to our discussions. .”


Director of Legal Services, Minster Law Solicitors

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